junio 26, 2020

The Enchantment of Winter : Huge progress

During the months of May and June "The Enchantment of Winter" has been my focus project. It is not an easy one, but has something that keeps me going back to it, even thou I enjoy working on my other Wips.

My husband asked me "What are you going to do with this project? Are you going to frame it asap, or will you just put it in the pile of finished stitched pieces? Hummm... I´m not sure about it!  As many of my projects, and less they are accessories that need to be ensemble, after I finish the stitching part I just put them away in a roll storage. Framing is very expensive now days, it´s nothing I want to spend money on lately unless I find a very suitable frame at a low price or I have a discount coupon.

I enjoy working on this piece,  it keeps my mind focus on the project, (otherwise I make mistakes) and keep my thoughts away from all the things that are happening in the world right now; and lately, the "drama" in the cross stitching community at Instagram, Facebook , FlossTube  and other social medias. I pray all of this go away soon! 🙏

And keeping focus in what my hands were doing, let me to a HUGE progress!!

First I worked in completing both sides of the imperial egg... Oh, look at the lateral ornamentation !!

Them I move to work in the internal area that simulate the sky....

Now you can visualize the center scene showing thru...

I could not stop, and decided to work on the base of the egg with that beautiful filigree...

This is a very nice pattern to work with; the printing is very clear, the symbols are big and easy enough to read. The only problem I encounter is that the pages do not have overlapping areas; this is a big drawn-back to me. With so many color changes, it´s very hard to move from one page to another !
I had to use a Temporary Parking Floss technique and make working printing pages - to stick together- to be able to move from one page border to the next one with out making huge mistakes; that is and extra cost to this project that have 20 pages chart! 😡

Any way, I´m very happy with this piece, I can´t wait to work on it again❤️

Thank you for your visit. I hope you enjoy my posts and you find inspiration to keep going with your projects.

Happy stitching week 🌹


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